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Open Data for Cities

Take this free course and get an introduction to what open data means for local authorities. Our experts will share with you the basic principles to get open data for cities right.
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Meet the Experts

Nils Walravens, PhD

Senior Researcher @ imec-SMIT-VUB
About me
Nils is a senior researcher at imec-SMIT and is coordinating Smart Flanders, a programme that supports 13 cities in Flanders, Belgium, with opening up data. The goal of the programme is to tackle urban and societal problems by making more data available in a way that makes it as easy as possible to reuse. 
Open Data For CITIES

100 Intelligent Cities Challenge

This course has been developed to support the European Commission's 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge. It is designed to help local authorities getting started with open data. The practical course builds on experience from Smart Flanders and the Open & Agile Smart Cities network.
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